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Webinar Replay - Why DreamHost Replaced VMware NSX with OpenStack Astara


Akanda has transferred the PTL role of OpenStack Astara back to its parent company, DreamHost. The project continues to be used and developed at DreamHost, with key technical leadership and development from the DreamCompute team. The former Akanda team members will continue to support Astara in new roles in the OpenStack community and interest in deploying Astara remains strong in the OpenStack community.


Astara is introducing the over-the-top paradigm to network services. Use the network you have. Choose the network services you want. No more vendor lock-in. Astara is the only open source network orchestration solution built by OpenStack operators for real OpenStack clouds. Astara eliminates the need for complex SDN controllers, overlays and multiple plugins for cloud networking by providing a simple integrated networking stack (routing, firewall, load balancing) for connecting and securing multi-tenant OpenStack environments.

Astara is layer 2 agnostic and interfaces with the OpenStack Neutron REST APIs. Astara includes a sophisticated lifecycle management and orchestration platform to monitor, configure, and manage 3rd party virtualized routers, load balancers and firewalls. Read more ...


    Scales up and out for multi-tenant clouds. Up to 10X more than VMware NSX


    Pluggable design introduces the OTT paradigm to network services


    OpenStack APIs, standard interfaces & community led with commercial support


    Running for 1,000s of enterprises at DreamHost since 2014

Astara Under the Hood Presentation

WATCH NOW Video: Rise of Over-the-Top Network Services with #OpenStack #Astara, #Arista and #MEF :





Akanda and NGINX have partnered to provide simplified, enterprise grade Load-Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack environments. Integrating Akanda’s lifecycle management tools and L2 agnostic platform with NGINX Plus, a high-performance load balancer and application delivery solution, developers are now able to drive load balancing requests and select their preference of back-end technology, without fear of integration complexities.

Mirantis Mirantis

Akanda and Mirantis have partnered to certify Akanda with Mirantis OpenStack deployment FUEL. Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of a variety of OpenStack distributions and plug-ins.

Cumulus Cumulus

Akanda and Cumulus Networks will deliver the industry’s first lightweight network overlay solution for cloud services on bare metal switches. Akanda contributes multi-tenant Layer 3 through 7 functionality to the Cumulus Networks hardware-accelerated underlay to offer an LNV solution that delivers a full OpenStack networking stack. The joint solution enables OpenStack builders to eliminate the need for SDN controllers, accelerate VXLAN traffic for tenant network isolation and maximize hypervisor and top-of-rack switch network performance.

Aptira Aptira

Akanda and Aptira have partnered to enable customers to harness the power of the Astara platform and rapidly deploy these exciting new networking capabilities to deliver end-to-end open source clouds. Aptira is the leading provider of OpenStack in the APAC region, offering private and hybrid cloud solutions to meet the most demanding specifications.



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